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Face fit testing is a legal requirement for anyone who wears a close fitting (or tight fitting) mask for work. Under legislation face fit testing should be carried out BEFORE the work starts.

Incident at Work - What would it cost your business? #Workplace #Accident #Safety #Incident

The impact of an incident at work on a small business can be huge.

Accident Workplace Emergency

As it’s the start of a new year it’s always worthwhile running through a few workplace safety tips and doing some general health and safety ‘spring cleaning’...


Occupational dangers aren't always obvious.  Protective equipment can help prevent minor injuries, but for complex hazards, any amount of equipment can be inadequate.

Waste disposal

Is my waste hazardous?

Dust and Silica in Workplace

Over 1 million workers exposed to silica dust each year.

Man with noise protection

Some scary stats to think about...


This is just a brief snapshot of some of the requirements and may not cover everything you need for your specific business or industry.

Asbestos - A Hidden Killer

Asbestos kills around 20 people who work in trades each week - How lucky do you feel?  You'd be surprised where it lurks - at work and at home!

Spring cleaning

As well as spring cleaning your desk, now is an ideal time to spruce up your Health and Safety, given the end of the tax year accounting is out of the way.

Office worker

(*Keep It Simple, Stupid) i.e. automate your lone worker system it if is possible.

Bonkers workplace

According to Adam Withnall at on the 2nd of January, there is a definite time limit on the length of time our resolutions will stick.


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